Bringing together investors, innovators, and influencers from around the world. IBD Summit is a 3+1 day event where delegates get to network, collaborate and potentially meet with international stakeholders to take their business global.

Ibd Event

Qatar hosted the IBD Summit 2019 where 100+ delegates from over 20 cities came together. Over the course of the 4 days delegates had the opportunity to meet with Qatar Chamber of Commerce, Qatar Tourism Authority, numerous business councils, Mavericks365 – Innovators, creators and entrepreneurs network, QST (Qatar Sports Tech start-ups) and many more. The summit concluded with a gala dinner, which hosted keynote speakers including Yasser Al Naiemi (cinematographer and founder of 709 Studios), Sri Pondraj (founder of The Abdul Kalam Vision India Movement), Wilson Chan (Qatar Freezones Authority) and Fazil Hameed (Al Muftah Rent a Car – Qatar’s first and largest rent a car company). The dinner welcomed various local and international investors and influencers.


It is our strong belief that Capitalism can be compassionate and constructive and be a force to empower individuals. Entrepreneurs to Launch global ambitions and scale Internationally. Network with Top Entrepreneurs, Investors, Power brokers and seek Joint Ventures and Alliances to take advantage of new opportunities and explore bold new horizons and meet Global Influencers who can accelerate projects, ventures & ambitions.
International Innovation, Investor and Influencer Networking Platform Mavericks365 and Address Business Management, a leading Business Management in Qatar.
Mavericks365 International Network of International Ambassadors.
HOST CITY: Doha – Qatar

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Ibd Summit is a First of its Kind Summit bringing together Investors, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Influences

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